Cast, crew, info and links for
Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu
(AKA The Story of the Dragon)

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Normally, it is somewhat unnecessary for webpages about specific movies to include cast and technical information since databases like IMDB usually have these complete listings and make cross-referencing easy. However, for forgotten treasures like BLDKF, the exact production details can be more difficult to hunt down, particularly because the actors' and crew members' names are translated differently and because various copies of the film exist. For this reason I am doing my part for the preservation of film history by using this page as a receptacle for all true and correct info about BLDKF, or whatever it may be called. If you know anything about the film, such as which actors play which characters, please e-mail me. I thank you, and future film students will thank you.

Titles for the film:

Year of release: 1976 (most frequently cited; some sources also list 1978 or 1979)

Approximate runtime: 91 minutes

Cast & Crew info:
Bob (aka Bruce): Bruce Li
Chang Ming
Chen Chu Leo: Carter Wong
Fighter Clad in Yellow and Red: Alan Ellerton
I hope this is Allan


BRUCEPLOITATION: fortunately, BLDKF is not the only of its kind! Explore further the world of wannabe Bruce Lee flicks with many humorous reviews, profiles of Bruce Lee pretenders, and some box pictures so you can be sure to avoid these tapes at the video store.

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